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                                   AND NOW I SAY:


They killing me because I speak the TRUTH and STOOD UP for it.

I have been pleading all through my web site-s, include the one that they took away from me. ( whatever happen,) (SO LET IT BE.) In the name of JESUS.


If I die today or tomorrow, (PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE, do not let my DEATH go in VAIN!) It will not be long now, all of this will be on you all conscious.

Feb. 25, 2015

The V A have awarded me 10% more on my disability, after the V A sent me to a private heart specialist, that almost kill me with the wrong medicine. The 10% was for my diabetes, inwhich I feel that they brought it on. And I know that some that some of the other veterans was award more for the same issue.


 Feb. 22, 2015

They are trying to kill me, and I am already convent of it. You all have to believe it, I hope that it don't be to late. Some of my family will tell you all about it. My V A doctor, sent me to a heart special,down on Berry Street and he gave me some medication and told me, if I didn't take it I will die, but let me tell you, If I haver kept on taking it, I would have die,so he took me off of it. And he gave me some other kind of medicine. So I went to my family doctor office and stayed there for an hour and took one of the pill, to see that I was going to be alright.

As I have said, "THEY NEED TO START FROM WHERE IT STARTED FROM (1994), BEFORE IT IS  TO LATE. "As I open up my bible, this virse came to me, Psalm: 43 virse 1  

 While going over one of medicine side effects that I got in from the V A and it also stated that they can cause death.    Name! (sotalol)

(Judge me, O GOD, and plead my cause against an ungodly nation: O deliver me from the deceitful and unjust man.)

 Our Chief Director (Miss Denise Deitzen) will be back at the Ft. Wayne, Ind. V A hospital in the middle of May,from St. Lewis, that I was told. So I guess that I would be dead by then. At lease, they are doing a good job of it. And with the medication that they are trying out on me. You will see more about this story below.


Feb. 8, 2015

I went to the V A Hospital down in Indianapolis, In. and they did a root-canal on my tooth, some years ago and now it broke off with a gold open-faced crown and came out. I took it to the V A in Fort Wayne, they call them-selves glue it back in there, but it came back out and I was eaten some food and I swallow it. And now I have some pain in my stomach.

 Feb. 6, 2015

I told my kids and family not to shed a tear over my death while laying in my casket , when you all didn't try to do anything about this. I gave my daughter and her husband some money for Xmas and told her that I would give them twenty-five dollars more when I get my check, but that day came and I told her to help me to get on Facebook, and she told me that  I could take her and her husband twenty-five dollars and stick it up my ASS.


Jan. 22, 2015

Please go to, ( also ), and stroll down below my video and be low the letter that she said that I wrote, but she lie, Scott Saylor wrote it. And if she (V A director, Mrs. Denise Deitzen ) lie about that, she would lie about us VETERANS health records. WE Veterans do not need that.

I must imform you all this before I die, our chief director (Denise Deitzen ) went and tried to help the veterans in St. Lous,Mo., V A Hospital. And we veterans feel like a person should clean up their own house before cleaning up somebody else's. A numerous of V A workers has told me this. Here I have been trying to get my life back every since 1994, where they had declared me dead without any reason or proof. (WHAT IS OUR CONTRY ( U.S.) COMING TOO! ) You all read this scripture from your bible (John: 8/32 )(And ye shall know the truth, and and the truth shall make you free ) I am going to write another book. The title will be, (MURDER IS JUST A THING FOR OUR GOVERNMENT TO COMMIT.) I have two desk top computers and a printer missing, out of my apartment and it has a ADT system in there,it shows no break in. I will tell you all more about this later. GOD will take care of the ones that, who are in involved in this. Some of them have been punish already by GOD. I got a private doctor and a lot stuff is coming out of the wood work. That is why, I would like an autopsy done on me when I die. I have a appointment at the V A Hospital, here in Ft. Wayne, Ind., Jan. 27, 2015 

( So be WARE ) And I ask of this above in THE NAME OF ( JESUS CHRIST )


Dec. 27, 2014


There are two things that I would like for the public to do for me after my death

1. To have an Autopsy done on me!

2. And to have a copy of my website done!

 My family is constantly dying off. Who wouldn't, when a family member is being treated like this? And also a 100% disable Vetnam Veteran.


               THANK YOU ALL, SO MUCH.

Dec. 21, 2014

First of all, I would like to take out this time to THANK you all, the ones that who have been continually viewing and making copies of my web site.

December 15, 2014 


 I lived in Washington D.C. for (5) years, but I was not good enough to meet with Mrs. Elinor Norton, our Congress Representative in Washington D.C., but I was good enough tofight for our country in the US Army and got wounded, but not good enough to meet with her.

I tried several times to meet or speak with her and she even refused to stop to talk to me when I saw her in D.C. as she walk right by me. I was standing in the hall way with another white veteran, and he even asked, "Madam, would you please meet with this Veteran. And she even ignored him too. I feel that I should be heard to express my concerns of the situation the goverment has put me in.

I also been rejected by other people that I would like to talk to, such as Mrs Tina Pitt at the Fort Wayne V A Hospital. Tina said that she would call and have a talk with my bank to help me, but she did not follow through about my foreclosure, that I've been trying to get resolved due to the government declaring me dead. I can no longer get a new VA home loan, because or this error and big mess that has been brought upon me by my "wrongful death" announcement which brought on my home foreclosure back in 1994.

My sister in Chicago was also concerned about me, she knew that I was out of proper medication. Also that I had an incident at the True Love Baptist Church due to me being over medicated. I had a serious nose bleed. So my Pastor, had to call in the Church Nurse, to help stop my nose from bleeding. So now I see another physician (doctor) outsideof the VA Hospital to help me with my health issues and medication. IT was doing the times,that I told my doctor that if he want to help me, start where my problem start from. And it start from when they declared me dead along with those HEART--ATTACK.

I have went to the ( The Fort Wayne Urban League, a numerous of times to meet with Mrs Paula J. McGee,) she is the (Director of Economic Development and Housing ), but the ones there, will not let me meet with her. But then again, I am good enough to fight for our country, but not to meet with her.

[ This is one Veteran that, can say, I TOLD YOU SO, every since 1994! to you all. ] But you all would not LISTEN.   {Now!,       I am Ready.}

I have some more names to bring out of the wood work later, of the VA ! I was told that all of the names will be taken under consideration that I have mention. They are making copies of this web site. 

Please go to and see the VIDEO for yourself.


Dec. 11, 2014

I notice that they brought an incident about Bill Cosby case up, something that suppose to happen in the 1970's, but my case happen in 1994 and they said that it happen to longer of a time period . Do you call this JUSTIVE ?

Dec. 6,2014

It seems like they have a License to kill but, no punishment for doing it. It is SAD for our VETERANS !                    "LORD ! PLEASE HELP US!"    

I went out to the V A yesterday and I spoke with another Director (The chief of staff, Dr. Ajay Dhawan, in the hall way and afterward, I spoke with one of the contact officer on the first floor, And this coming Monday, I will be talking to the Public & Intergovermmental Affairs (Jose D. Riojas, the chief of the Department of Veterans Affairs . ) I have already talk to my Congressman and Sentors Representatives. I don't know else to talk to before I die for real this time.


I went to the V A director's office and had a talk with Lisa Olse, I also gave my phone number to give Jennifer Baran Prall to call me and see why she hasn't got back with me and tell me about the appointment with Diana, the head Director of the V A here , today at the V A Office.

Nov. 24, 2014

I went out to see one of the V A  directive today and I will put it on this web. site what happen, tomorrow.

I am back with all, talking about the V.A. director (Mrs. Denise Deitzen) She set me up an appointment, but she cancel it, because ,someone call me when I was not at home.(saying that she were sick.) I have been out there at her office, a lot of times since then. But I haven't been able to talk to her ,but one time. and she told me to bring a copy of the letter where the V.A. said that the loan didn't go through. I did that the same day, I went out there the next day, they saying, that I wrote the letter. And the man at the loan office wrote it. In which my life depend on this .THIS mess is going to take  my life. But the truth will set you free. I don't mine about dying for what is right. That is why I have said to you all, a numbers  of times. Please, Please, Please don't let my death go in VAIN. I beg you all and I will get down on my knees, if it take that, in order for you all to help me. My family have went against me every since this happen. You all is ,all  that I got. It is a lot more is going on but I am getting too weak to say more. So please don't let them get away with this, after I am gone. As I have said, I might not be here tomorrow, but I am counting on you all. When I was fighting for our country, I was not fighting for just one of you all, but all. And I got wounded and almost got kill trying. So please don't let this be on you all conscience. So let your conscience be your guide. Always remember that GOD helps those who help others. (Do we VETERANS need a director like this one.)I will say this to you all as of a 100% disabled veteran, (if you all do not raise your hand to help me, this is just as bad as you having your hand in committing my death, and that is what you call murder. this is also a class act of discrimination. Let your conscience be your guide.)

This is  my last request ! 

By Sergeant John Evans

 PS: Please make copies of this Web Site and pass it on to others.


Nov.14, 2014

Some people have stated to me, that the V.A. has discriminated against me about getting a V.A. loan and they are going to see if something can be done about it. A white Veteran was declared dead, here in Fort Wayne, Ind. and it was taken care of in the matter of days. But mind , has been going on every since 1994. Some people don't want to do anything about it, unless it's happen to them.

Oct.29, 2014


 The VA do not want me to purchase a house or move in another house, because they want me to stay where I am. Because I have been told that our Governor own these apartment. I draw some of my money out of my bank, beacuase it come up missing (THIS HAPPEN TO ME WITH EVERY BANK THAT I JOIN ), and I take it home and put it in my safe, it also come up missing. And I also have  a ADT Security Alarm System . It goes off when I'm not at home, the police come out, shows no break-in. (nothing done) My neighbor can verify that police be at my home. (I put rubber band across my door.) I Show the POLICE where the rubber bands had been broken after they had open my door.) I do not know what else to do. It show no break in. That is one of reason why I wrote a poem, call (WHAT A VETERAN SUPPOSE TO DO?) Oh by the way, I have another oppointment with one of Director of the VA Hospital. I am just going to see what happen with this one. I will let you all know what take place. I have some more things to tell you all any way.

 Oct. 27, 2014

I am a 100% disable veteran, but I am not good enough to meet with the Directors of the VA Hospital in Fort Wayne, Ind. , about my case with them declareing me dead, and getting another house, in which they cause me to lose it. I had a date set up with one of them, but I got a call from the VA, saying that they were sick. You know that is a shame,I fought for our country and got wounded over there. One of them, name, Diana.

Oct. 16, 2014

I have spoke to Pastors, Doctors, Nurses and other peoples, ( If they really wanted to help me, they would have to start from the beginning, where they DECLARE ME DEAD, when I am not. ) Back in 1994, that is when my problem started, and seems like everybody else join in, by doing nothing about it. Or doing things to make it WORSED.

Oct. 14, 2014

Please go to my web site, in which I paid for to announce about my movie.

Please, make copy of this web site, just in case if I don't be around to expand about it. And thank you so much.

 I put it on here one time, but they took it off. If they let you go to it.

Oct. 13, 2014

I call my sister, the other day because I had something to discuss with her. But first I ask her could I trust her and she went off on me.

I also call my brother to tell him that I had brought a new truck, he state to me, is that all that you call me for. And he also went off on me too. I do believe that our Government have cause my family to turn against me and they are dying off.

As I have said, That I have brought me a new truck with a navigation system in it. And the navigation system went out right away, I guess beause I was preparing my way back out there in Hollywood. I suppose to go back out to do the movie. And I do believe that is why all of this came about.

I also let my daughter use my tablet and she use so much data until my phone went up as much as $500 . My phone also also got cut off, so ADT cannot handle my alarm system right. So for now, I have to use my dividual camera.

I see that a blue Chevy is always park on the street  near my apartment and I do believe that it is monitoring my apartment and I do believe that our Government is behind all of this.

I am stating this again, IF I DIE OR SOMETHING HAPPENS TO ME TOMORROW, I AM STILL COUNTING ON THE PUBLIC TO COME TO MY RESCUE. Because I am not Afraid, because GOD is with me.

 Sept. 10, 2014

I have a new web site by the ones , out there in Hollywood, by  (my Producers)


Aug.24, 2014

I have been fighting this issure for (20) twenty years now and if it take 20 more years, I am going to fight it until I die for real this time. I was willing to fight for our COUNTRY until I die and so as this issure too. My life do not mean nothing ,until I get it back. I am looking for JUSTICES. Something is very weird around me where I live is happen, my neighborhood keep their porch light on , night and part of the day, it seem like they are given some kind of single. BUT THE ( GOOD LORD ) WILL MAKE THINGS ALRIGHT.

 Aug. 23, 2014

I made my trip to Hollywood and back,I have a lot to tell you all and you all will not believe some of it. I will tell you all as soon as I get settle in.

 Aug. 6, 2014

My cell phone number is 1-260-797-1997 because, I am not at home, I am in Hollywood.

 I am in Hollywood now, and I will be moving here for good, right now, because they have taken the copy of my first books out of my luggage and left the second copy of them in there.

(July 16,2014), ( My Birthday ) I was 46 years old when this first happen, but now I am 65 years old and JUSTICE, still have not being serve. They cause me to lose my house, Truck, Car and thing that I own, by saying that I have died and blocking me from getting another because of the foreclosure. And the foreclosure was stated in 1987 and in 1987 I did not OWN a house in the year of 1987. Is that the way that a Veteran should be treated, after all fighting for our country and getting wounded for it?

I'm ON My Way To Hollywood and you know Why.

(If I die tomorrow, PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE, do not let MY DEATH GO IN VAIN).

July 11, 2014

Since man will not punish those who and is doing me wrong, but that's OK, I have the FAITH in GOD, HE will bring JUSTICES on them. (THANK YOU JESUS) (Because,The truth WILL set you free.)

 June 30. 2014

I went to the Federal Building on Harrison ST., here in Fort Wayne, Indiana today, to speak with my Cogressman and my Senator Representatives about my problem, so I had to turn in my cell phone and when I pit it back up, it would not work. 


June 8,2014



 I got a feeling that they got me on my dying bed now. IT'S JUST THE MATTER OF TIME, I AM NOT AFRAID

TO MY Family :


(THANK YOU!)     


                     It is just the matter of time. I am not afraid!

 June 7, 2014

(Finally my family realize that they got a red flag by my name all over US because I am fighting back because they declared me dead without any reason or proof.)


June 6, 2014

My VA Doctor ask me would I go to a psychiatrist, so I went and I told her,if she want to help me, you all must start where the problem started from! ( DECLARING ME DEAD WITHOUT ANY REASON OR PROOF )

 They are coming in my apartment and stealing my medicine and other things and it is showing no break in ( I have a Police Report). I tried to buy a house so at least these thing hopefully will stop,(IT SEEMS LIKE, THEY WANT THIS TO CONTINUE ON),(because I will fix my house up and catch them. I told my VA doctors and nurses in order to solve my problem is, THEY HAVE TO START FROM THE BEGINNING, (WITH DECLARING ME DEAD AND THE THINGS THAT ARE GOING ALONE WITH IT). It has been twenty years since this being going on.

As of June 4, 2014 I have again been highly mistreated by the VA. This time I had a home loan approved to get another house with the Well Fargo Bank, and the VA stopped it. So I went to another mortgage company name Caliber Home Loans and I was also approved for a home loan,and the VA also stopped this loan too. This is due to the fact that I had a foreclosure back in 1994, because then I was declared dead by the VA and the VA stopped all benefits and I could not make the house payments. This event is still on my credit reports, and they are still holding this against me for twenty years this coming July. And it was their mistake, NOT MINE.

The fact that the wrongful death by declared me dead was not cleared up, the government has not cleared my name with all the necessary organizations and these mortgage companies. 

In July I plan to go to Hollywood to my movie on this, and this time I will not change my mine,with the help of my Masonic Brother out there. I will get my movie made to tell the whole world about the injustice has been handed down to me by the Veterans Administration. 

Oh ! what this Veteran have to go through  just to buy a house in this land in what he fought for. I would like to re-pay my kids with the house for going through what I have.

                            "What a Memorial Day" it has been for me!

I also mean,take an AUTOPSY of me, because I will have enough money in the Bank to pay for it, in-case if somebody came in my apartment and put something into my food to kill me. And my web site will be paid up.

May 23, 3014

They just wont guit, I got a phone call today from a collective agent saying that I have a bill at Chase Bank. And I am no loner with them, and I am wondering now, if a person have to pay a bank in order to leave them or stop doing bussiness with them.

May7, 2014

Somebody came into my apartment three times, within a sixteen days period of times, so I tired of it, so I call the Police. I will be waiting for them the next time. I believe somebody is telling them when I leave My  apartment.


[I tried to get me some help, but nobody would lift a hand.] I leave home after leaving numb tacks across both of my doors with rubber bands, get back home, the rubber bands be broken or no where to be found. The doors don't be broken in or somebody has pick the lock or use one of the maintain guys keys.I told the lady in the office and I told her that I was going to set a trap where they would get hurt. It seem like they are profession so I going to be profession on them. They might er have put something in my food, but I do know that I have to hide my medication. My nurse will verify that. When I come back home,my TV is on a difference station,my computer is on and I didn't leave it on. I know that oour Government own these Apartment. They got me where they want me now.

 April 25, 2014

I had to get my brother to take me to Parkview Hospital for a nose bleed and the doctor out there cram packing up the right side side of my nose , they want take it back out. And itthey said that they would take it out Monday and now I can't breath out of neather side of my nose and I have an enough imformation to write another Book on it. And the doctor did call and talk to my doctor at the V A hospital. I will let you all know about it very soon. If anything happen to me, at lease you all will know.


To All My Fellow Followers:

This is an update, I am a 100% disabled vet, and our government did start my checks backup, but they did NOT give me all the benefits that the other 100% disabled vets have. I can prove this, because, after I had my foreclosure on my home in 1994 due to the fact that our government DECLARED ME DEAD, and now the Credit Score Companies are holding this against me, with a low credit score so that I can't buy another home.I fought for our country just like all other veterans did, and all I need is help getting my complete benefits, and a V A loan so that I can buy me a home, and get my life back. In which I need a home, so that I can go into the hospital to follow up on all my medications, because now I am afraid about my driving and having an accident.

 I also had my neighbor to clean up my last apartment in order to get my deposit back, and he failed to go to court with me to verify that he clean it up.  So now I'm afraid to go into the hospital and live where I live now. Because this neighbor still live next door to me, and I cannot trust him and what might happen in the event I am gone from my home for hospitalization, I can't trust him or anybody. I need help getting all my benefits and help from anyone to help me to get old outdated records off my credit score from 1994. Because my home foreclosure is old and should no longer be on the books. [ On the day of March 31, 2014, I was at the V A Hospital in Fort Wayne, Ind. for an half day and the other half day down at the Marion,Ind. V A hospital, trying to get this mess straight out.

I truly hope that my family and relatives would nickel up together and sue the ones that had done this to me. Because I had done all that I could do to avoid this while I am living. I deserve the same benefits, as any other 100% disabled vet, and I am NOT! I have been discriminated for 25 years, and I am doing this while I am still living. 


I guess that our Government figure that my LIFE is worth $1800.00 since I am not fighting for our Country now.

I don't think that I will be living to see my next birthday.One of sister did not live to see her 66th birthday,so I will not also. Well, LORD, I am ready.

( The Good LORD Knows What You Do. So Be Ready To Pay Your Dues For The Wrong That You Did. And You All Knows, Who You Are. )

I can still remember my old Pastor always saying, (Rev. Jesse White ), (The Truth Will Set You Free), ( That's What you call True Love.) But, the newer ones rather help other peoples to keep it hidden. My new Pastor had said twice, that he would help me, but I guess that he couldn't get around to it.

Should a person pay two cable company for the same channels at the same time,or can a person have two cable company at the same time, for the same stations. And they are keeping me from buying a house out of town. And it is a matter of life  of death. Because I need to go into the hospital for them to check  the pills that I am taking because if I go in here, I wouldn't have nothing left in my apartment when I get out. And need to take my pills.


I got a letter from a collection agent (Snow & Sauerteig) for a $100 saying that I made a bill with Trumpull Memorial Hospital. I dont even know where that Hospital is, and one time they sent me a bill that my mother made when she was living. So I pulled my credit report and they have a lot of debts on it. They have just messed my credits up. And only God knows how many debts that they have put on my credit report. Now they are saying that it belongs to another John Evans. They should check all of the other ones too because they have more than one credit debt. Well I could see how they did that because the Government declare me dead too on my credit report without any proof.And you know that its not true!

I am going to leave the ones that has done me wrong, up in the hands of the GOOD LORD. And if you see some blank spaces on this site, it is because my web site have taken some information off it, without my concent. And now they is doing it with the dates that I have on here.

Yesterday I had a talk with my Social Worker from the V.A., about what the V.A. and others is doing to me, and it seem like she had tears in her eyes. I guess because she couldn't do nothing about it. My old BANK (PNC bank) was the one cause me to lose my Life Ins. It seem like I have been alone every since 1994.  


Some more imformation that was taken off is below!

And the V.A. were the cause of me to lose my home ( my house ) ( Along with my car and truck ) (by declaring me dead without any reason or proof ),and they will not let me, or help me to buy another one.


I went to my bank PNC on Sept. 3rd , 2013 and had some cashiers made out to pay my bills.I left $150 in my Saving and checking , in order to keep them open, and ( they took that too) and got the rest out, before they would take all of it. Come to find out, my account was over drawn. (THEY SAID)($1200.00) Plus one of my cashier  was New (MADE OUT TO U-STOR SELF STORAGE on Tillman Rd ) and  wrote out one of the checks, wrong, and I had to take it back to them to do it over. NOTE: Veterans money is being taken from their account, due to the fact we  have to have our checks  automatic direct deposit and we VETERANS are suffering from Post Dramatic Stress. And they think that we won't catch them taking our money.  During that time, I did not write no checks or use my debit card, and my account Still was over drawn the amount above. I was protesting aout the over draft of my account  with PNC bank,but now I am 65 years old and look like they are doing a good job of KILLING me, along with with the rest of them. I am warning all other VETERANS to watch their BANK ACCOUNTS very, very closely. All that I can say is that we MUST, do the BEST that we can , with our illness. Because, they are OUT to get us. 


The information that I am about  to add above and below, I have already put this information on here, but they have taken it off or rearrange it.



Another Fort Wayne disable Army Veteran (WHITE) was mistakenly declared dead the last part of July, of this year. His wife and him receive a letter stating that they would no longer receive a check. As soon as this problem was address, she and her husband were reinstated and check were continued right away. Here I am fighting my declared dead every since 1994, I too was declared dead and I do believe that it is because I am (BLACK) and that is why I have not been able to get my problem solved.With me being denied right away the error of declaringme dead, caused me to lose my house, car, truck, and almost my life. Due to all the stress, I had a heart attack that led to open heart surgery. Also when I had to move there was a dispute over my deposit and I had to go to court, and causing me more stress and delaying me from going to Hollywood, California, because they want to do a movie on my books. They even took my video off here of channel 33, about this mess that happen to me. But you weep what you sow. But, I got some peoples that are monitor my web site now. So be where. We will, get you.


It seems like our Government has granted those peoples that who own Apartment Complex and Banks, a License to KILL our Veterans, who suffer with Post Traumatic Stress, Because I am slowly dying.



MY TIME HAS COME, BUT YOU ALL TIME , WILL NOT COME UNTIL, YOU ALL HAS SUFFER AS I HAVE AND YOU ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE! ( I also paid to become a member of LegalShield.)And they would NOT help me after doing that. I tried to get one of their Lawyersto go to Court with me.

I was talking to some Veterans that live Washington, DC and they said that the banks have taken $2000.00 from him and the other one,  a $1000.00 and $1200.00 from me, talking about over drawn. We are getting that money to live off and they are taking it from us. If this keep on happen, we are not going to have anybody to fight for our Country and to come back home and fight against the ones, who sent us over there. (PLEASE HELP US LORD, IN THE NAME OF JESUS) AMEN

 (And I just got off the phone with my sister, and I notice that my phone is still being (Tab) because I hear myself saying the same words twice to myself.)


I talk one of guys at Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jessie Jackson Office yesterday and hope and pray that they can do something about this mess. I am hoping that they can come to Fort Wayne, Indiana and meet with my Pastor, since I am a member of the Usher Board at my Church.



My six month lease was up at South Bridge Apartment , I ask him, how much would he charge me, so I gave a guy $60.00   ( it was my next door neighbor )  to clean up the apartment, in order to get my $200.00 deposit back,( and he would not go to court to verify that he clean up my apartment. ) And I will leave him , up in the hands of the GOOD LORD, and they only gave me $152.47, stating that, there were spots left on the carpet. I do have the FAITH that GOD is going to make these peoples suffer a lot more than me, for what they have done to me. And we are going to Court, December 11th. And I am also continual to protest at all PNC banks in Fort Wayne, with my signs, stating:  



I also paid to become a member of LegalShield. And they would not help me. I tried to get one of thier Lawyers to go to court with me on Southbridge Apartment Case or send a  Subpoena to the guy who I paid to clean up the Apartment after I had move. So I had to be in Court with their Lawyers by myself. So I ask for my money back, because they wasn't doing nothing for me. And I paid them $114.00,to become a member and they sent me a check for $88.39.So they got me  too.  

A veteran, who has put his life on the line for our country

 ( Very, Very Sad! A Veteran )

                                                                                                                                                            I am doing it for other Veterans too. Because I was told that this is also being done to them too. And a lot of the times, I have to get off the phone from talking to my sister and other peoples because I hear myself saying words twice (an echo), But They can't hear it. I don't know how long that I can put up with this. I know that my telephone is tap for no reason, just like they declared me dead for no reason or proof.


These peoples that who are doing these things to me, they are driving their car around in the city in cruise control , (THEY JUST MIKE HAVE AN ACCIDENT) but I am going to drive my car around to every PNC Bank in the city and protest for what they have done to me. And their outer State Bank too. And my last stop will be back in Washington, DC at all the PNC Bank there.


They are trying to kill me again  ( For an example-The first was in 1994, they said that I was DEAD, stop my Social Security check and said that I was Dead, because I suffer from Post Traumtic Stress from being in the war in Vietnam and now, they are saying my check is stop because my check has the wrong routing number on it. Hopping that I will have another HEART ATTACK because I didn't get it. I have some more to tell you all about what my BANK  (PNC)  is doing to me. I say to our Veterams today,

( MAY GOD HELP YOU ! ) THE SHUT DOWN doesn't  have nothing to do with it, everybody else has receive their CHECK.


I spent three or four times amount of money for my Van and I paid it off and Santander Finance Co. will not send me my title after I got through paying for it. You see,I told you all that after our Government did me wrong and mistreated me, everybody else figure that they can do it too. Because a person can't go to them, because they is doing it their self. And our Goverment is making us Veterans deposit our disability check into the bank, so they can take it. My bank, took over a thousand and some odds dollars from me. (PNC Bank) How can a Disable Veteran live like that?


It's a lot of things, that they is doing to me, but you all don't take it for granted now, but after I  am gone, I guess you all will take them under consideration, but then, it will be to late. And I have ask SO many other peoples for HELP and they JUST look the other way. But GOD is still looking down on me. And I give all of my PRAISE to HIM AND I GLORIFY HIS NAME IN JESUS NAME.  LORD, forgive thoses, for they don't know what they do. (AMEN)


(First), the V A tried to take my check away from me, by saying that I am dead,[ by declared me dead without any reason or proof ] (Secondly), my Landlord tried to take my deposit After I move, (And now I am FIGHTING AGAINST the public too) and (Third), my bank trying to away a $1000.00 and some odd dollars from me, just because their TELLER made a mistake. If a bank teller can't do the job right, she should not be working  behind the counter. And I have change difference bank twice since I have been back here in Fort Wayne, Ind. , from Washington, D.C. We Veterans are made to have our Veteran check direct deposit, so they can take it. (Especially), when they know that you suffer from Post-Traumatic-stress. It seem like I have to fight against everybody, since our Groverment has done this to me. I didn't do nothing wrong. They are on the road to kill me. So I am going to fight back as long as I live, with GOD as my leader and judge." THANK YOU JESUS " For giving me the strength to be able to continual fighting this hard struggle." And LORD, I give all of my PRAISE to YOU, in the name of JESUS. "


  ANOTHER FORT WAYNE, DISABLE VETERAN DECLARED DEAD WITHOUT ANY REASON OR PROOF BY OUR GOVERNMENT ! AND IT IS A DISGRACE TO OUR VETERANS AND COUNTRY,                                                                                                                                      ( IN WHICH, IT'S NOT TRUE. )

(I also sent a copy of my books to President Obama, Secretary of State John Kerry, Rev. Al Sharpton, and Rev. Jesse Jackson,hoping that they will help us Veterans, so that our Troops will continue to defend our Country. But if they don't, we are in trouble.) 

(ITS' ANOTHER VETERAN) and "it's" so, so sad, and we fought for our Country and treated like this and We fought and put our life on the line for our COUNTRY and right now, they are talking about another war. And some of Veterans gave their life for our country and the rest us almost did get kill over there and the way our Government is doing us Veterans, we will too, after coming back home. I have also contact Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson Office again, because these matters has got outer hands. Somebody, please put a stop to theses issues that are being done to us   (VETERANS ) and our Country.

Another Fort Wayne disabled Veteran (white) was declared dead  for no reason or proof, this last part of this July,it was on ch.15. He and his wife received a letter stating that they would no longer receive a disability check, because he is deceased. as soon as this problem was addressed, she and her husband were reinstated their checks were continued right away. I am still fighting my declared dead issue from 1994 (the nineties), when I too was declaered dead and I do believe it is because I am BLACK that they haven't got my issue solved. With me being denied right away the error of declaring me dead , caused me to lose my house,car,truck, and almost my life, due to all the stress, I had a heart attack that led to open heart surgery. Also when I had to go to court, and causing me more stress and delaying me from going to Hollwood, California doing a movie on my two books about this issue.


The good LORD has sent me a  dream within a message ( the ones who have done me wrong, I might be in another World but I will be able to see that they will suffer much Moore than I have , with no remorse, because they have had enough time to REPENT instead of keep on doing me wrong. So I will see you all laying in you all HELL bed.) You can play like it's not you, but GOD knows who. I don't why peoples keep playing with GOD and thanking that they will  keep on getting away with it. GOD get fed up with things that you do, that is not right.


I have already got some peoples to accept  partnership on me going to Hollywood.


I have fix it so that my movie will be out weather anything happen to me or not, and my family or nobody can put a hold on it up if I am here or not. (living or not )


I have left behind some guide lines or instruction for my family and my  Masons brothers and sisters to follow, just in case, if  anything happen to me. In Fort Wayne and Washington, DC .


I am trying to get in touch with our President and him to pass some kind of LAW for  these apartment owner not to put stress on our Veterans, just because they can and when it is not legal. Because I had $660.00 coming back from The Yellow Retirement Communities Apartments, I received a check for $290.00 after  I paid $700.00 for rent and did not stay there the hold following month, David said that I had been burning candle and there was smoke film on the wall. And I had somebody to go over and help me clean the place. I went out there to  see who I was dealing with, his name was , David, I told him that I have pictures and also had somebody to come out and clean up the place. He is up set at me because I went down to Metro at the City County Building because I did some investigating on my own as  of how much people was paying for rent. I talk to a  lady and a man that live in their New Haven apartment complex that belong to them and their apartments have the same amount of living space as I do and they pay $650.00 per month, and I was paying $700.00 per month. But they were WHITE. But you all will hear and see more about it, when my movie come out. It seems like David have a father, who is a doctor, who has a license to save peoples lives and has a son has a license to kill peoples, that is what he is doing to me, because the last time I talk to him about my deposit, I start to have pains in my chest and I thought that it was my time, and the VA knows about it too. By the blood pressure machine, that they have me on.


And this shows that I was being over charged, and I am going to Small Claim Court with my Wishful Master and Brothers from St. Mary's Lodge to speak out, because this is not right what David (Yellow Retirement Corporation) which is ran by the J-J Parent Corporation.

 My disagreement is that I paid $1200.00 more over a two year period than other folks renting under the same corporation.

In addition, I have a second disagreement on my deposit of $660.00 which I was only given back $290.00 I should have received $660.00 back. I had apartment clean up and I have pictures to prove that I left the apartment in good shape that meet the requirement of departure.

The corporation (on back of the $290.00 refund check) claim the following:

Original tenant security deposit                                                      $660.00

Misc. cleaning and wall repair @ $15/man hour                           -$420.00

( I had somebody to help me clean up the apartment)

Professional carpet cleaning                                                         -$  75.00

Unpaid portion of required 60 day notice                                      -$700.00

 ( I gave them their Keys on June 9th 2013 and my lease was not up and also $700.oo cashier check the same day. My lease was up later on in June)

Courtesy write-off to tenant                                                           $125.00

(That's not right)

Check # 19782 Date 6/12/2013 Before the lease due date is up.                $290.00

Note: A  V A employee told me, do not cash the check until after I go to Court. And they saw that it was having a lot stress from this. There is a lot more to be told about this.

I want to say, just like in the pass the government that tried to get away with mistreating me, the apartment corporation is trying to do the same.

I want to discuss about who I went out to talk to in New Haven ,In, where they have some more of the same apartment

I had a talk with a man and a woman that live out there, Their apartment was no different from the one that I were living in, each one of them told me that they were paying $650.00 a month. And after they do their investigation on Metro and them, it will be in the movie.

And I also want to note, that the VA have a blood pressure machine at my apartment monitoring me at home and after went to David office to see why he didn't send me all of my deposit money. The VA call me and ask me why was my blood pressure so high. And I told them that, I just had been out there, talking to David about, why I didn't get all of deposit back. The VA told me to calm down and try not to get stressed out over apartment issues including being over charged for rent, and the shortage on my deposit refund after I had moved.

And the VA stated that if the chest pains continue to happen to come to the VA hospital. I told them about David at the office brought up that Metro threw the case out and that really very upsetting to me and my health. And I am trying to get a hold of the President of the U.S. to pass a law to avoid companies putting stress on clients when they know when  they have health issues and post traumatic stress, just because they think that they can and know what they did in the pass. I go to Court on the 22nd of July and I hope that my heart can take it, because it all most didn't take it when I went out to talk to David office and I started to have chest pain. It seem like our Government has given somebody else License to kill. 

And I suppose to be in Hollywood, Ca. on the July the 12th, but I guess that I will have to go out there ,after the 22nd of July since this have came up.

















My brother stated to me, that not to ever again to ask him to do anything else for me. And the last time I was in the Hospital, I had to pay him for taking me. I remember, that we were having a meeting with this care place, across the street from where I was living at on State street, to take care of our mom. He jump up and walk out. You know that, The Good Lord is looking down on us, and keeping us account on what we say or do. I am ready when the Good Lord send for me, because it is to much cruelty and dislike down here. I ask a friend to let me bring my car over to her house and wash some of the dust off it. I can do things for them, but I can't get them to do things for me.   


Look out Hollywood, here I come and then the hold world will know my story. But I can say one  thing, for those that have a good and caring Family, you all should thank GOD for it, some people don't.

Attention, Attention, Attention  Please let me know!         To all who have order one of my books, Please let me know. E-mail: and PH:260-797-1997cell & 260-414-5066 Home I want to see if it true of what they are saying. 


I am not letting you all know more, becuse you all don't care and it will be unknown after I am gone. But I am going to Hollywood in July and get started on my movie about this. It is shame that a Veteran have to go through all of this, just to try to get his life back and his own Governor help to take away from him. I guess that I did die when my son got killed.


My case number is (1:95-CV-323 ) and I was there on time at the Federal Court house and they would not let me in the court room. ( And it stated ; Live Veteran's Suit dimissed on techicalities) without me (By Jim Chapmam ) And a few days afterward, they sent me a letter stating that John Evans case is hereby dismissed and they would not let me in the court room. And that is no Justives for a Veteran,  who has fought for our country, getting wounded and almost killed. And hadn't been to long getting out of the hospital from, having open heart surgery,I didn't want to go to jail by going in there, after the lady told me that I can't go in there . And my family have been died off every since this happen.  And the newspapers, also stated that Live veteran's  suit dismissed on Techicalities, by the Court, written by Jim Chapman, the Staff Writer,and that is why. As I have said, If this continue on, we not going to be able to get nobody to defend our country. Because, nobody want to go off and fight for their Country and come back home and have to fight  against the same ones that they fought for.  

And these words I live by!
Romans; Chaptert 8 verse 31
What shall we then say to these thing?
If God be for us, who can be against us?           



My second book came out yesterday (Veteran Declared Dead Without Any Reason or Proof ) and MY first one (Veteran Declared Dead, But Yet Still Alive ) will soon be turn into a Movie. I had a meeting the other day with a guy from the NAACP and I know that it was no good or help me. I do believe that I will not be able to see my 65th birthday because, what they have done to me. I can't take it much longer. I wouldn't have made it this far whitout the grace of GOD. ( Thank YOU JESUS )


It seem like they don't want my story on facebook and a person came up to me and stated to me that the Governor just don't want it on there too , because they don't want admit their mistake.,and that they admire me for not giving up.


Please go to ( facebook ) and type in my name( John Evans )and you all will see five videoes on there telling you about my story. Our President have ask that my story to be heard, but it haven't. What is a veteran suppose to do?


This Is My Poem that I Wrote

What a Veteran Suppose To Do?

Why are we treated so BAD ?
Nobody care,that is why it is so heartbreaking.
That is why it is so SAD,
We fought for our country and did our BEST,
We come back home, hoping to get some peace and REST.
It is a shame that it have to be this WAY,
We just sit around and wish for a better DAY.
We have feeling, just like everybody ELSE
If you don't believe me, take a look at YOURSELF.
We try to forget our PASS,
But the way we are treated,it will always LAST.
We seek out for loving CARE,
But alone with our pain and suffering, nobody is THERE.
It seem like everybody speak out and say, WHO,YOU,
What is a veteran suppose TO DO ?

By John A. Evans


I am so tired of fighting back and I rattler die than quit or give up. I am moving back to Washington,DC and I am just like being marry to this bad situations and I am NOT about to get a divorce from it and I got a feeling that I am going to die there from it , trying to get my life back. I have five difference videos on U-tube and Facebook to let you all know more about my story. I hope that you all get a chance to see my movie and new book I lost my beauiful house, car and truck,everything, without any reason. Because they cut my check off, saying that I am dead. They would have put me under the JAIL if I had did anybody like that. The Law is for our Government, not to Protect , we the People.


I can't even send or received an E-mail from our President any more.I am moving back to Washington, D C .


I just receive an E-mail today from The White House stateing ( AND I QUOTA )" Your Story Is Bouncing Around The White House". I sure hope that they do Something About It, and also the two Veterans that live down in Florida. You all will be shock when you all see my movie.( A matter of fact they all will be.)


This is my last words. I would like for my daughter ( Cheryl ) and along with my daughter (Lashanda), to have an aupotsy done on me, Because I have been to some different hospitals out of town and they took some X-rays of my neck and they would not give me a copy or show them to me. In case something happen to me, especially my neck. And also keep my web site active. The number is 1-800-396-1999


The V A have cause me to loose my house, car and truck , by saying that I am dead,and putting a stop on my disablity check and I have been trying to get another house every since it happen (1994) and they wont let me, even though I was willing to pay for one, after they gave me my disable check back. I would like to leave something back here for my kids after I am gone for real this time.


I will start working on my movie , starting about the middle of February 2013. I have been receiving e-mails from our President and Tyler Perry.This is Veteran, that has been highly mistreated and I have spoken this to our President too. I didn't put my life on the line for our country, just to be treated like this when I got back home. It hurt so bad!


In August I went to Detroit to visit my two brothers. While I was there my neck started hurting me and my brothers wanted to help me. And they and another friend, that drove me there, took me to the emergency room at one of the local hospital there.

While I was in the emergency room, the doctor injected a needle in the area in my neck where I have had previous surgery from a stroke. He also took an x-ray, but would not eveal what was on it. I waited around for some time thinking that Iwould get the x-ray results, but he never did give address the x-ray, nor did he give me a copy of it. The doctor gave me a prescription to be fill and he wanted to follow up with my own physician back in Fort Wayne. I truly believe there has been a tracking device implanted in my neck area some time ago, and to know why.

LastThursday, October 18th,2012 I was at Best Buy and I started to feel dizzy. So I requested someone to get me a chair, and they did. I felt like I was going to black out. Upon returning home, I had a short nose bleed. So I called Lutheran Hospital and they said to come in to have my Coumadin Level check. I had just been there the week before. They found out that my coumadin Level to be low. So they said that, my nose bleed or my dizziness was not the cause of it. They suggested that my family doctor to follow up with me, because this could be very serious. I plan to see my VA doctor today. October 23,2012.

I still fear that there is a tracking device in my neck, and I plan to find out. I have support from other people too.The President and Tyler Perry has sent me two E-mail. And when I was living in Washington, D.C., The President and First Lady both use to send me E-mails.

I am still curious about the Detroit doctor would not give me my x-rays. And the Lutheran doctor made me an appointment and then cancelled it. The nurse said that she called me and she couldn'd get a hold of me. But i do have a future appointment and I do hope that this issue get resolved. I may have to go back out of town for a copy my X-rays. Just to find out if there are any devices in my neck, And if the test come back negative, I will be truly relieved, but until then I will pursue the truth.

My second edition will be out in Febuary and immediately after the two books, they will be turn into a movie.


I am a 100% disable veteran and they have took my house, truck, and car from me and now they have taken my Tax-exemption on my car license plates and I am a100% Servers-Connected,with a Bronze Star and 4 Oak-Leaf Clusters, and most of all they had almost took my LIFE. And seem like nobody out there care about this Vietnam Veteran, who has laid his life on the line for our Country. My third book title will be [ The Ways That A Vetenam Veteran Is Treated By His Government ] My fourth book will be call [The End For This Veteran ] but I can say that :I fought back and did my best.

Read All About It- Read All About It-READ ALL About It
My phone # is: 260-414-5066 and my E-mail is:

I will be having my second additional book out within six months.[book title] (VETERAN DECLARED DEAD WITHOUT REASON OR PROOF). And very shortly after it is out, there will be a movie out about both books. And very soon, you can go to this Web site and be able to order my books in hard back or paper back cover. And the movie will be (The BOMB).And the second book.(Veteran Declared Dead Without Any Reason Or Proof).



I will be going out of this State to one of their Hospitals that they have there, so that I can get an X-Ray of my right side of my neck. Because I do believe that I have a tracking devise implanted. This will surely clear my thoughts in my mind, and clear any doubts that I have had since my past surgery on my neck. I am hoping that everything come out positive and I will keep all of you updated and how I do.


I just got out of Lutheran Hospital and after the procedure that they done on me, I eate dinner,about 30min. afterward I start getting a head-ache and then I start hurting around my waist area. So I went home still hurting. The next morning I still could not take it, so I got a friend to take me to another hospital(Parkview) Idon't know what going on. Maybe you all can figure it out.


I had surgery on my neck (right side of it )in November and I had some bumps from it, where the sugery was done and I do believe that they place a tracking device in them and also my truck. It was done at Lutheran Hospital. (in Fort Wayne,Indiana) And I also met with Rev. Joel and Victoria Osteen, at their Church (Lakewood Church), located in Houston, Texas -- August the 5th 2012. I gave him a copy of my book and a video of what happen to me. Hopping that he would introduce them to his congregation of the Church.

I have my manuscript written and most of the picture in it will be of Fort Wayne, where as my other book has most of the pictures in it of Washington,D.C. It will be out to you all within the next one or two month from now.


My birthday is Monday (July the 16th) and I will be 64 years of age and I feel and I look like I am a 100 years old since this has been done to me. Taking all these pills, I have a drug store at home with me.I am lucky to be alive. I have been fighting this issue every since I was 46 years of age. Next month, I am going to Houston, Texas to meet


I went to see Rev. Al Sharpton on May 3rd, he wasn't in the office at the time. I spoke to one of his secretaries, Mrs. F. but she proved to be my judge and jury and wouldn't allow me to meet him again. I could not explain to her what I wanted to discuss with Rev. Al Sharpton. She also wouldn't even allow me to leave any of my documents to show him. I would still like to see him again.

With my having Post Tramatic Stress from my tour of duty in Vietnam, even the person who escorted me to New York couldn't tell her what all I had been through and he knows all about it. I still have to see Rev. Jessie Jackson about this because I am highly being discriminated against. I feel that Ipaid more than anybody els where I live in an apartment that I rent for $700.00 a month and I don't feel that is justified . The neighbors won't tell me what they pay for their apartment and I thank it is not the same as mine. And a matter of fact, they have the same apartment Located in New Haven, with the same of everything that my apartment have. and two peoples told me that they pay $650.00. There are other issues that are unfair. I don't know how long that I can go through with this type of discrimination. My first book has most of the picture in it of Washington,DC and my second addation will have all of the Fort Wayne,Ind pictures in it of the mistreated and trying to get my life back. The title will be VETERAN DECLARED DEAD, WITHOUT ANY PROOF OR REASON.


March 12, 2012

 I will be getting back with Rev. Al Sharpton again , because there are more things that they are doing to me. I will be in New York soon and also Chicago to meet with Rev. Jessie Jackson, as soon as they get back from Florida. 

March 16, 2012

Dear Friends and Followers:

I went to a brother of my Lodge, in which, who is a Lawyer ( L.G. ), and he refused to help me. I went to some of the other brothers and asked them , why that he ( L.G. ) would not help me. I also ask him( L. G.) by being a brother to refer me to another Lawyer that can help me, but he (L.G.) did not.  I always thought, as a brother , you would always be able to get help from another brother , providing your dues and membership are in good standing . This is what we brothers, are built upon

I do have a lawyer now as I mentioned, and he is not a brother. But I do feel that it's a shame how this brother(L.G.) did me. Brothers all over the the country are wonder why  I don't get any support.

If you have any questions or concrerns about this mistreatment, please call me. 260-483-5137


John Evans

P.S. If we Veterans continue to be mistreated like this, we will not be able to count on anybody, wanting to join the military services to dend our country if this mistreatment continues. I must let you all know while, I am living. And I thank GOD, for giving me the opportunity to let you all know about it before any thing happen to me. Because I am, a very sick man, a matter of fact, every since 1994, and that's when it happen.

March 7, 2012


Things that you must know that could happen to you based on what has happen to me:

Being declared dead, has caused a lot of fear to me and my family and friends:

1. I find out that my garage door is been open after I get back home and I did closed it back before I left home. This has happen twice. I have had my signal changed, but hopefully it will not happen again. And this is what I get after fighting for and serving our country.

2. I get phone calls that are anonymous and I refuse to answer them. This could be harassment, and it could happen to you.

3. My truck radio doesn't play regularly, and I wonder at times that I may have a tracking devise on it. It have been done before. And the President has stated that this is not allowed. So if this continuous to happening, we will not have nobody to defend our country.  

March 6, 2012


Last February I sent our governor Mitch Daniel's office a letter and my book , two differnce times explaining my dilemma of being declared dead by our government. I also sent the above information to Reverend Jessie Jackson, and Reverend Al Sharpton. Until this date, they have not responded, but I do plan to go and see them in person again.

The reply from Governor McDaniel's secretary claims Indiana has no jurisdiction over a Federal matter. But Mr.Daniels should, because it happened in his state of Indiana. And I live here, and other Veterans have had to deal with the same problem that I have had "being (wrongly) declared dead". These Veterans need help too.

Another Fort Wayne case , where a woman name W. Hamilton was declared dead and it was her brother , B. Hamilton that was the killed Veteran,not her! You can tell the different from a boy and girl. You can check the following two cases on the internet. Army Veteran J. Miller was declared dead (4) four times.(And you know that a person can't die but one time.) And 10 year Army Veteran R. Miller learned that he's had been declared dead and had trouble getting his pension with a backlog of over $90 thousand due to him. Just Google "ARMY VETERAN LEARNS HE'S BEEN DECLARED DEAD".....and you will get to their sights.

These wrongful actions hurt all future enlistments, because people will not want to join and come out with the possibility of a serious problem such as mine and many others where you could be declared dead !

We all need support from all levels of the government, not just the federal level. Our state level should be supportive too.

All the above information will be updated and proven true with documents. My second book will relate to some of these issues documenting the truth of what is happening to our veterans, and as early this year 2012.

The book will be out sometime this summer, and I need your support to futher my objective to get all these mistreated Vets recognized and help. If this continue, we will have nobody to defense our country ! Who want to get treated like this , afterward, fighting for their Country?

John Evans

February 8, 2012


I sent Governor Mitchell E. Daniels a video and a certified copy of my book, and a letter with information about the problems that I have endured since the government pronounced me dead in 1994. It was received on February 2, 2012 and signed for by the mail room in Indianapolis,Ind. I have yet to hear from his office. I also gave the president of this organization, call (Man Of Action) and I use to be a member and still no respond. But what make it so bad is that, I went to one of my brothers (In which he is a lawyer) of my Lodge and I still could not get no help.

I also went to my Congress Representative in Fort Wayne, Ind. and met him at the Federal Court House and discussed my problems that I have, do to the Huge mistake that our Government made in 1994. I showed him a copy of my book, and I am hoping that I can get some support in order to get my life back.

I would like to be able to get a loan at a decent rate, and some of my medical bills paid for that the VA will notpay pay for. And those bills are from what they have done to me. I am a 100% percent disabled veteran, and would like my name and social security number cleared and proof and that I have never done anything illegally.

But I still pay a heavy price for what they have did to me. I cannot get a loan with a good interest rate, I have had to deal with banking problems caused by the miss information that I was accused of using a dead man's identity.

They declared two veterans dead down in Florida ,(one is black and the other one is white) and one or them, they declared him(THE BLACK ONE) dead 4 times. and he had retied from the U S Army and he was trying to his money back to pay his bills. And a matter fact, he was saying, (How can a person die 4 times?) You can only die once. So this shows that we have a huge problem with our Government. There are many others that has Shows you the huge problem that we have with our Government. There are many more that have been DECLARED DEAD FOR NO REASON OR WITH NO PROOF..

The Government should have a safety net to help vets to regain their lives with support and help to clear their names so they do have to suffer the way I or others have.

I feel if they would have to pay for their mistakes, theywillthink twice before they make such a mistake again,


They are trying to get me, any way that they can!
My bank have taken my rent out twice,($700.00 dollars twice) and my storage place ($200.00 and some , twice) out of my bank account) Right Afterward my book came out. But The Good Lord will make them pay for what they do.

Oct. 25, 2011
The Title of my book is.
( Veteran Declared Dead But Yet Still Alive )

GOD has answer my prayer; (My book,) finally came out. And you can get a copy of it on line. On, and Barnes & Noble and other Book Stores. And I am also Praying that GOD able me to get my second addition out real soon. Because I already know that you all have a lot of question about the first one. And I hope and pray that GOD able somebody to read them that can help me to get my life back. And I thank you all so much! The title of my second edition book will be call,


My Book Signing will start soon!

I Still haven't got things settle with my first Ghost Writer yet.
But I will let you all know about it, as it progress on.
I don't have to much longer to be here. [ And my brothers will not give me no help.] I hope that, the rest of the brothers get help when they need it. But , I fought and did my best, but although my dues are paid up.

The last Court date, that we had, the Judge ask my Lawyer. Did he want her to retrieve my money back from my Ghost Writer for the book. And he said that, "NO",he would get it. And he, resign from the case," right afterward, without doing that. [And I always have thought that a Lawyer or Judge would have to take an Oath and Obligation before up-holding the Law.]

I am a member of, one of the most powerful organization of the world and they are sitting around waiting for to die, instead of helping me. I am also talking about the difference Pastors that I have tried to get help from too. When our country call on me, I was there. But they are no where around when I call on them. They lie to me, instead of helping me. GOD is calling me to rest with HIM and HE will punished the wicket ones.
And the judge, granted me my case with my Ghost Writer, because she miss all five of her Court dates. And the Judge, ask my lawyer, do he want her to get my money back from my Ghost Writer , and my Lawyer said "NO" He would get the money. And shortly after that, he resign from the case. Without doing what he said,
I have been PERSONAL EQUATION every since 1994, when I first started to fight to get my LIFE back. What our Government , has taken away from me. I also notice that our veterans are showing some concern about how I has been treated, and before long , the whole world will be also.
I am in the same satuation as Michael Jackson. I hope and pray, that they would investigate the doctors that I have had.

I am on my last straw . But may GOD help those that cause this problem for me. And may GOD help thoses that would not, o

"What's New" section.

I was declared dead for no reason and without any proof. And I had a heart-attack (Sept. 7, 1994 ) in the result of it. Because my disability check was stop and my bank account was close. And I lost everything that I had own. We Veterans shouldn't be treated for stress and given stress at the same time. Some times I sit around home and cry, and I just be visualizing how our Troops going to be treated when they all come back home. It going to be so many with STRESS until we not going to have enough people here to give them the proper care. And that is when they start neglecting them. Treating them for STRESS and givening them STRESS at the same time. I can give a live testimony on that. Tomorrow I will let you all know more about my secound Heart-attack ( Nov. 2, 2005 ) that I had protesting in front of the White House, trying to get my life back, that our Government has taken away from me. And the way that the V.A. is still doing me. And it is no mistake, because they are repeating it. Thank you JESUS, for ableing me to last this long.

To my opinion, about the Spying program. Is that President Bush do not want to get a court order first, is because if he get a court order and he run into a dead in. The court would have him to call it off. And I feel that he do not want that. He want to know what everybody is doing at all times. And that way we do not have no privacy and freedom. And also that way, all of you would be just like I am and you will see how I feel.

They have my apartment so monitor until the sound hurt my ear drum when I try to sleep at night. Sometimes I sit down at night and cry, wondering how long will this continue on. LORD, how long must you let these evil doer continue to have their way?

JESUS said, " But I tell you: Love  your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons of your Father in Heaven. He cause his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous." Matthew 5:44-45

JESUS said," If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed." John 8:36

At first I thought that this was just a joke .

How would you all feel if a letter come in your mail box, given their sympathy for your death. And it is no joke. Everything about you, just stop. And you have a heart-attack ( 5 by-pass ) on the same day that you fine out about it. and nobody want to pay the $70,000.00 hospital bill and you lose everything that you own because you can't pay it. Why do some people have the heart of stone?

You all might think that when our Troops come home that everything is OK. But that is just the beginning. A lot of our Troops is going to need health care and ( we ) and ( they ) are going to have to fight for them to get it. But our Government is OK while they over there fighting. Just wait until they all come home with all that STRESS and other illness.I do beleave that they are going to be kick aside just like they are doing our Veitnam Veterans are. Give a little love, it will not hurt you. Please!



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Jan. 23, 2007
No matter what I tell you all about what is happen to me and could happen to you. You all don't care, but some day you all will. Even if it have to be after I am gone. That is the America way any how. So I hope the GOOD LORD will BLESS you all and also watch over you all.

April 28, 2006
Please go to this address and read my petition. If you agree with it, please sign it.
( )

April 23, 2006
As fast as I add information on this site, somebody come alone and take it off. What you do in the dark, will come to the light.

March 28, 2006
IF you all agree with this Pitition that is below. Please make a copy of it and have your love ones and others to sign it. and send it back to me.
John Evans
ADDRESS: ( 3636 16th St. NW )
(apt. B-802 )
( Washington, DC 20010 )
( E-MAIL: )
( TELEPHONE: 202-248-6560 ) We will march and hand carry you all names to President Bush, also to our Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton. Duplicate ones also ,we will hand carry to The Veterans Admin. on Eye St. and VA Hospital. As soon as we get enough names.

Feb 24, 2006
Every since The Veterans Admin. and Social Security Admin. declare me dead I get paranoia when it come to treatment from any Government doctors. This is because of, the way that our Government has treated me. I have been doing it on my own so far, because I know that I will die if I let them. I have already had two heart-attack. The last one was at The White House. doing the time (Nov. 24, 2005) when I was Protesting,Trying to get my life back from the first one. When they declare me dead and I lost every thing that I own. You don't treat a Veteran for stress and give them stress at the same time. If you all agree, please send me a E-mail. My partition will be ready for you all to sign and to give your opinion, next week.

I ( John A. Evans ) was declared dead, by our Government for no reason and no proof. Later afterward I lost everything that I had, because I had a ( 5 By-Pass ) Heart-attack. Because my Bank account was close and my disability check was stop.The V A and SSI also did not want to pay my Hospital bills.

But that is OK, because I believe in the statement that Benjamin Franklin once made.

( " A lie stands on one leg, The truth stands on two legs.")

But you know, they can only stand on that one leg for so long, If you stop and think about it .

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